Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Candy Sushi!

*GIGGLE!!!* So, aren't you tickled when you get an idea and it turns out EXACTLY like you were hoping?!? Well, I have to say, I just had one of those awesome experiences!!! I found this candy nigirizushi recipe (with the Swedish Fish) on, and once that turned out (SOOOOOO CUTE!!!), I had to move on with a lightbulb idea I had when making the nigiri... the makizushi (rolled sushi)!!! Check it out! I'm absolutely beside myself with glee!!! Hee, hee!!!

The base of both is just the Rice Krispie treat recipe. The nigiri base is hand-formed and set aside to cool. Then, the Swedish Fish are placed on top and Fruit by the Foot is wrapped around the entire piece, in the middle. Voila! Nigiri!!! (Aren't they adorable?!? Hee, hee!!!)

Here's a close-up of the nigiri...

The embellishments -- er, I mean, *garnishes* (I think I've got stamping on the brain! LOL!) are as follows:

"Grass": Glorious Green CS, cut just right

"Gari" (ginger): Sliced Laffy Taffy

"Wasabi": Molded Laffy Taffy

Hee, hee!!! I tickle myself!!!

And, here is a closeup of the maki:

The "innards" are made of Laffy Taffy, Chocolate Twizzlers, and Twizzler Pull-Aparts (hard to see... It's the little red dot).

Lay out 2 Laffy Taffy colors (green and yellow or orange) and stick them together. Add the thin red string on one side of seam and the chocolate on the other.

NOTE: Prepare all your candy strips first, or your Krispies will harden too much to mold (don't ask me how I know this! LOL!).

To assemble: Lay out a piece of waxed paper on the counter. Scoop some Krispies from the pan and form a small rectangle with it -- long enough to go the length of the candy and 3x as wide. Lay set of candies in middle of rice and wrap rice around candy, forming it into a log. Try to ensure the candy is in the center of the log, for the best results. Mold fairly tightly, to ensure it all stays together. Set log aside and finish others. Allow logs to cool COMPLETELY. Wrap each log with Fruit by the Foot (FBTF -- spiral wrap is good, overlapping edges just a tad). Press ends of FBTF to seal. Slice logs with VERY sharp, buttered knife, cleaning it as necessary. Enjoy!!!


Katie! said...

SO CUTE!!!!!

Joy said...

AAAACK! Oh Mary! This is just so cute! I absolutely love it!

Stampin' D'Amour said...

HI Mary! These are TOO CUTE to eat!! What a NEAT-O! idea!! :0)


Cafe Ink said...

OHH Myy Gooooodness! You never cease to amaze me my dear friend.

I am now going to have to copy this idea.

I am so glad I found you in blogland.

Charmaine G

Carol R Marbach said...

mary, those are so cute!!! i can't wait to show them to chip. he makes sushi for work every week. miss you! xoxox my friend.
cheers ~ carol.

Pam Burrus said...

I'm having a Japanese/Sushi Bachelorette party for my friend and I was trying to think of something for desert, these will be SO PERFECT!!!!! I'm thrilled to death! Thanks for posting!!!