Sunday, March 11, 2007

Parenting is NOT for Wimps!

Thinking about having a baby? Prepare to be challenged FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!

It's hard enough to try and figure out how to take care of your new baby (they don't come with manuals, you know -- and I'm very bad at reading my manuals, anyway! LOL!!!)...

And, once you've figured out how to diaper, bathe, feed, etc, the baby grows into a new stage, which requires more adjustment on your part! And so it goes, through the years...

Well, considering that my boys are (almost) 10 and 11.75 years old, I think I've done an OK job of figuring things out (for the most part -- everyone makes mistakes!)...

They are even into a really FUN stage right now! They are independent enough that I don't have to "hover" over them all the time, but not yet into the challenging teen years. I can even have an almost-adult-conversation with them! I LOVE this stage!

But you know what the ABSOLUTE MOST DIFFICULT thing is about raising kids? It's when they get HURT!

My youngest had a biking accident yesterday, which required 7 stitches inside of his mouth. He was SUCH a trooper! He barely reacted to the local anesthetic needle as it probed the cut... Even the nurse said she couldn't believe he is only 9 -- he did so well! He is now in charge of icing his lip on-and-off, every 20 minutes, and is doing a GREAT job with that! This is one proud mama, here!!!

But I would take his place in a minute. It is so difficult to see him deal with the pain, to watch him get stitched up... Somone once said, "Being a parent is like having your heart walk around outside your body." It's so true!

There goes my heart... Into the kitchen to get his ice pack...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cool Beans!!!

I'm SO EXCITED! One of my good friends has opened up an online store, in partnership with another friend of hers, that caters to those of us who LOVE playing with everything paper-related!!! It's SO COOL!!! If you get a minute, go check out -- you won't be disappointed! There are beautiful (and funky!) designer papers, embellishments, tools, and some great alterables to play with! Hmmm... What's next on my wishlist?!? LOL!

And, even better, I get to help design things for their blog!!! What an awesome compliment to be asked!!! So, while you're checking out the new store, also check out their blog to see some of my own projects and those of others!!! Their blog is at:

And, if you contact them, tell them paperfrenzy sent you!