Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Melodrama Madness!

My son's 6th-grade melodrama performances last week went off well and the play was well-received by the audiences! It was a blast watching the kids' hard work (3 months' worth) pay off in this hysterical final product! They have only one more performance, at another grade school, and this saga will be over!

My in-laws even came for a visit just for this (they have a 7-hour drive to get here), and my son did them proud! LOL!

So, now that I FINALLY have decent photos of the melodrama backdrops... Here they are!

This is the BIG ONE! It is12' x 27' and was hung on the curtain track at the very back of the stage...

Here is one of the three smaller ones (9' x 12') we painted-- this one was used for the classroom and the wall behind the saloon bar:

Here is the street scene:

And here is the mercantile interior (the teacher's favorite!):

I wish I had gotten a less-fuzzy photo of the last one, and had better lighting for the big backdrop... But, oh well... Can't win them all!

So, as you can see, I've been plenty busy myself, creating the artwork for these backdrops and then helping paint them! I think it took us (the other parents and me) about 1.5 months' worth of work to get these done -- but it was sooooooooooooooooo worth it, and great fun!!!

The kids and the teacher loved the entire set! You should see the GREAT free-standing saloon doors that another mom made for the set! They actually swing just like the real thing! And other parents made the bar/mercantile counter, the PVC frame for the backdrops, "wagon wheels," "tree stumps," etc.! I tell you, these kids were SPOILED!!!! LOL!

Anyway, that is the result of my very first foray into the world of drama set production! Hope you like!

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