Saturday, April 14, 2007

I know, I know...'s been a while since I've posted! But, hopefully, I can post more regularly, now that I'm finished with my latest HUGE project!!!

I'll even post some pics of it, once I get some!

"What project?" you might ask...

Okay... I'll share... Have you ever volunteered to do something that you thought would be an absolute "breeze," and would put NO crimps into your schedule, only to discover IT'S NOT, and it DID?!?!?

Well, I just did!!!

Who knew that assisting with stage props would consume three days a week (PLUS!), for a MONTH?!?

But, it was done for my oldest child... My darling, almost-12-year-old son, who is participating in the 6th-grade melodrama (performances THIS WEEK!!! YAY!!!)...

So, it turns out that no one else on the crew was comfortable drawing the backdrops... So I did.

And, no one else was comfortable tracing the drawings onto the backdrop cloths without guidance... So I gave the guidance.

And, no one else was comfortable painting the backdrops (without specific color guidance)... So I gave the guidance, and painted along with them...

...and then finished the job, when the shading had to be done...

Good thing one of the other moms was right in there, working right beside me, everytime!!! I would have been lost without her!!!

And, I "crashed" a week ago... Just got too overwhelmed with it all (that happens to me from time to time)... and decided I needed a break. From EVERYTHING. For one day only. (Had to finish the job, you know!) LOL!

But now IT'S DONE!!! Not only that, but I'm VERY HAPPY with the results! And, even MORE importantly, the KIDS in the play are, too!!!

I guess it was worth it, after all!

But, don't ever ask me again to create backdrops for a play, because my answer will be an instant and firm, "NO WAY!" (Unless, of course, there is no one else comfortable with drawing things out, etc...) LOL!!! (I'm such a sucker -- esp. when it comes to my kids!!!)

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Katie! said...

So I was thinking of doing this play....would you help me with backdrops?! Tee hee teasing!!! I am so glad you got them done!! CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to see pictures!!!