Saturday, August 9, 2008


I was so thrilled the other day when I discovered some of my flowers were blooming! These are stargazer lilies -- one of my very faves -- partially because they are one of our wedding flowers! I just think they are so elegant...

Isn't it so cool to see different things blooming at various times of the year? This is one of the joys in my life... life's changes... the seasons... the different stages of maturity in my children... and in myself! Even though change can be stressful, it always brings with it some new blessings!

Like moving... Wow! Talk about changes... But won't it be great to see so many different cultures, plants, etc, where we are going?!? How fun!!!

Chatatcha later!

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Cafe Ink said...

Oh My Gosh! These are so amazing! I'm totally jealous. I love these flowers too. They have such a happy color and a fabulous smell.

Love Ya