Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sports, Injuries, The "Sports Mom" Thing...

YIKES!!! Ya know... When I signed on to be a mom, I didn't count on a lot of things... Like sitting for 2-3 hours at a sports practice, when my son can only WATCH, because HE BROKE HIS WRIST!!!

But, that's what happened... He broke his wrist at school last Wednesday, during recess -- playing football, wouldn't ya know it -- and now he can't practice football with his team! But, as a dutiful supporter of his team, he "gets" to go to practice and watch, in the rain, wishing he could do it all with everyone else... Poor kid!

This is the one who did the flip off his bike and got 7 stitches in his mouth. Now he has a "buckle fracture" on his left Radius... At least he is right-handed!

This is the one who just "knew" he would be "good at football," causing us to get him AND his brother signed up for the sport!!! (I won't even begin to discuss the cost difference between football and the other sports he has played -- let's just not go there.) And, of course, we couldn't get a refund on his fees, even though the games haven't even started yet... Sheesh!

But, motherhood IS rewarding! (If I say that often enough, it will begin to sink in, right?!? LOL!!!) At least I get to build some more character... Even though I'm enough of a character to begin with... ROFLOL!!!

Well, enough rambling for now... Gotta go back to my mothering duties! Here's to all you mothers out there! May you always see the silver lining!



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Vicki C said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I put your name in for the drawing tomorrow also.
I was reading your post about boys, and I'm wondering WHEN does it get better. My 21 year old, took a spill on his motorcycle this week and we had to make an emergency room visit! Yes...the joys of Motherhood! lol