Friday, August 10, 2007



You may have been wondering where I disappeared to, since I haven't been blogging for a while! Well, it's called going home to see family (1 week), having family come see us (for 10 days), and then working in our VBS program for a week! Whew!!! It's enough to keep a person pretty busy!!! Good, but ***BUSY!!!***

Tomorrow, the VBS families are going to have a swimming day and, on Sunday, we get to present a program for the parents, sharing what the kids have learned all week (and I'm the one who gets to recap it all for them! LOL!)... So, sorry, I'm not posting any projects today or this weekend, but maybe Monday evening, after I've had a chance to stamp again!

I have to share something else, though! I've been ***highly honored*** by being listed on eclectic Paperie's eP Friends list a few weeks ago!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Thank you, Daisy & Joy!!! You should see the other eP Friends listed on the eP blog ( They are all such fabulously-talented women... WOW!!! I'm a little intimidated to be in their company!

Anyway, that's the news from here, and I'll be back to posting more regularly next week! Chatatcha later!


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