Monday, October 22, 2007

Jewelry Gift!

I mentioned earlier that I'd post a picture of the jewelry I made for my niece (Funky Color! post), after I knew she had opened her gift, so here it is!

Chains are really big right now, so I wanted to do something with a great chain! I found this silver-electroplated chain at the Gem Faire in September, and snapped it right up!

Then, I needed to pick out some great beads for accent! Since my niece's favorite color is PURPLE, amethyst was the only stone to consider! LOL!!! Then, I found these AWESOME rock crystal (quartz) beads, as well, and HAD to add them to the mix! (I NEEDED them!!! LOL!!!)

So, here is the finished product... A long necklace, to wear in a single layer or drape in more layers, a matching bracelet, and earrings! Oh, what fun I had making these!!!

And, to top it all off, she LOVED them!!! Happy birthday again, Stacee!!! Love you!

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Carol said...

What talent. What else do you do? Just added you as one of my favorite links to visit. Take a look at my new debut and let me know what you think.