Monday, July 9, 2007

I've been Tagged...

...Thanks Charmaine!!!

Ok... If you don't know Charmaine George, you're missing out! She's an "ultra-cutie," who has lots of interests that aren't your run-of-the-mill American-type interests!!! She blogs, too, and here is her site: Check it out and you'll get a taste of what I mean, esp. if you read HER "tagged" post!

So, I've been "tagged!" That means, I get to list 7 little-known facts about myself, and then tag someone else to do the same!

Here are my facts:

1. Even though I'm *VERY* outgoing and **LOVE** spending time with my friends & family, I also ***ADORE*** having time to myself, for myself, by myself. Guess it's a "personal space" issue -- or, maybe just a reaction to having grown up with 8 siblings! LOL!

2. People think I'm always "up" but, in reality, I have plenty of crabby moments -- esp. in the morning, before I get my almond latte'! LOL!

3. I was born and raised in the Western US, but my *heart* is in the East! I always thought this was the case and, after visiting VA, MD & DC last September, that thought has been confirmed! I would ***LOVE*** to live there (I ***HATE*** the desert!!!)!

4. I have *extremely* strong feelings about things! (Oh -- wait -- that's not a little-known fact about me -- EVERYONE who knows me at all knows this! LOL!!!) BUT, I tend to back down on things that aren't as important, or just not push the issue if I think it will cause a major conflict. Guess I get that from my Dad! NOTE: I DON'T back down from my boys, though. And they don't like that very much! LOL!

5. If I had an "idol," my maternal grandmother would be it!!! She is THE most loving, genteel, gracious, elegant, and gifted woman I know!!! I want to be just like her when I grow up!

6. If I could play an instrument on a professional level, I would play the harpsichord (see #5 above -- my grandmother plays!!!).

7. Classical music (esp. sacred) is my VERY FAV!!! It just calms me! Having grown up in a family devoted to classical music (and with professional classical musicians) was a ***great*** gift and one I will always cherish!

I would talk about my faith in God, too, but I think everyone knows about that, so it wouldn't fit into the "little-known-facts-about-me" category! LOL!

So, now I get to tag someone else who blogs! I have to say, the only one I know who blogs and hasn't been tagged yet is Katie (! So, Katie, here is your tag! You're it!!!

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Cafe Ink said...

Hee, hee, giggle, giggle. I'm so glad you played. Thank you for the kind words. I remain one of your biggest fans.

Charmaine G