Monday, February 26, 2007

Sweet Memories...

So I've been following some blogs of a couple who just adopted three children from Colombia... Talk about a heart-string tug!!! Their thoughts have triggered *sweet, sweet memories* from when I was a child, and some deeper thoughts as well!

I have an adpoted sister from Korea. She arrived on February 11, 1970, when she was almost 15 months old (and what a *baby doll* she was!!!). She is my best girlfriend of all time AND my sister! You can't beat that!!! And that's saying a lot, since I have seven other siblings as well! LOL!

Anyway, as I've been reading their blogs, I've been thinking about how wonderful adoption is! God takes the orphans and sets them into families! The adoption process -- and the resulting family -- is as much of a miracle of life as giving birth! Different, definitely -- but a miracle all the same!

Seeing the deep *LOVE* these new parents have for their children is like getting a glimpse of God's love! How wonderful it is that *HE* has chosen to adopt *US* as His children! We have all of the legal rights that Jesus has in God's family! We can claim as our inheritance all of God's riches in glory! And, even better, we can claim God's *amazing LOVE* as our own!!! Wow! What a great gift to us!

I wonder what gift we are giving *back* to Him?!? What expressions of love can I offer Him today? It's worth some thought...

Taking JOY in the journey,


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